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Product Trait
Our factory is mainly aimed at eight series stand in the valve and three kind of product. can achieve direction of drilling, tapping, cutting groove one-time molding. High efficiency to sell product quality is stable.
The main machine core components are good by turning point meticulously:Japan mitsubishi is worktable rotate position servo system, the realization of turning rapidly smoothly. Position lock gear disk and cylinder is combined, positioning precision, lock is reliable Vertical installation, each rotary head scraps discharge arranged flexibly and conveniently. Using built-in cylinder head, compact structure. Two claws synchronizer adopts crack and institutions, clamping firmer.
Using the machine interface screen display, Taiwan, the head of the clear operation and stop can easily in man-machine interface on execution, on different products can be quickly head redistribution. Automatic and manual, semiautomatic, return zero mode can be freely switch, convenient debugging. Every head spindle speed adopts incerter in the air during opeartion, saving electricity.
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