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Product Trait
CK36D numericalIy-controlled machine tool is a high speed, high accuracy, high reliability, suitable for complex shape of complete parts processing, spindle motor sel-ection of high frequency conversion motor servo motor, or to meet strong cutting speed range and the requirements og high speed rotating shaft, smooth, hydraulic clamping chuck is more convenient, higher precision, bed USES 45 degrees of gradient, improve the whole machine rigidity for scraps discharge, In silk makes speed more smoothly. Tools instaIIation using row knife form processing speed, machine and power compact, take up little less, appearance novel in design, easy operetion, enclosed protection panel. This machine is suitable for small parts and precision Of the half.
Mostly Parameter
Max.swing over bed φ360mm
MaX.maching lengh 400mm
Spindle thru-bore φ58mm
Spindle speed range 300-3000r/min
X axis rapid moving speed 8000mm/min
Z axis rapid moving speed 10000mm/min
Power of the main motor 5.5kw-7.5kw
X axis horizontal stroke sw 350mm
Z axis horizontal stroke sw 400mm
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 2200×1350×1800mm
Net weight 约2500kg
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