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Product Trait
Spindle drive for stepless speed regulation, special frequency conversion motor spindle vector inverter control, Wide range of speed, low torque.
Adopting high precision bearing spindle, the main motor drive shaft drectly. Axis running smoothly, high precision.
For the bed material, guide the super wear-resistant cast iron grinding hardening audio pure and good abrasion resistance.
At the food of the bed for the whole bed foot, the stability and good rigidity.
Feedhg wire rod for double nut cirulate precision ball screw. Silk bearing for angular contact bearings.
Motor and silk, X and Z axis adopts high non-clearane coupling straight league.
Numerical control system for domestic brands, LCD panel, dustproof, powerful attack, high reliability. To drive for ac servo motor driver semi-closed cycle. To smooth operation and torque, overload ability, no out-of-step.
With high-speed machining, photoelectric encoder thread, detection spindle speed.
Adjustable automatic lubrication interval lubrication pump, ball screw and rails.
Four stations from carrying frame(cutter)
Installing door, pensu processing, appearance generous beauty.
Mostly Parameter
Max.swing over bed φ320mm
Max.swing over carriage 1600mm
Max.length of work piece 7500mm
Range of spindle speed 200-3000r/min
Spindle bore φ40
Taper of spindle bore MT5
Taper of spindle outside D4
Stations of tool carrier 4工位
Max.size of tool post 20X20mm
Min.Serring unit:Servo/Stepper Cross(Z) 0.01/0.001mm
Min.Serring unit:Servo/Stepper Long(X) 0.005/0.001mm
Moving speed of post Cross 5m/8m/min
Moving speed of post Long 4m/6m/min
Taper of tailstockquill MT4
Max.range of tailstock quill 100mm
Motor power 5.5kw
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 2000×1100×1750mm
Net weight 约1500kg
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