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Product Trait
Spindle box adopts high-rigidity bearing structure, can bear larger cutting force and axial force.
Spindle hole size and instrument lathe, the spring collet loose clip, convenient quickly.
Using flange type of spindle structure, convenient instaIlation manual chuck and hydraulic chuck.
Bed with high linear guide, high accuracy, good stability and guidance, move faster, greatly improves the efficiency of production, can you bear larger loads.
At the foot of the bed, using grey integrally cast damping performance is good, no deformation.
The machine adopts electromechanical integration design, compact structure, good safety, convenient use.
Nc system chooses homebred brand products, stable operation, the function is rich.
Fit Range
CK0632A CNC lathe machining medium for various parts of the axial and dish, can cut all threads, arc, tapered and its internal and external surface, plumbing equipment, valves, electric appliantes, instruments, automobile, motorcycle, bearings, etc. High speed, high efficiency, high reliability.
Mostly Parameter
Max.swing over bed φ320mm
MaX.maching lengh 260mm
Spindle thru-bore φ40mm
Spindle speed range 300-3000r/min
X axis rapid moving speed 8000mm/min
Z axis rapid moving speed 10000mm/min
Power of the main motor 4.0kw
X axis horizontal stroke sw 250mm
Z axis horizontal stroke sw 260mm
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 1760×1140×1600mm
Net weight 约1200kg
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