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CJK0620A (双头)
Product Trait
Lathe bed and board lead super sound quench, Iongevity.
Rapid culinder clamping device, convenient and quick.
Using high-speed bearing spindle, high precsuin.
Using double form around, it is applicable for various parts and drilling, milling and boring two-headed pricess such as high efficieency good concentricity.
Fit Range
Have the function of turning cylinder、taper、arc、extrenity、cuttrough、boreream、make kinds of screw thread.
Fit for auto and mobile parts, valve, electrictool, hard ware meterect. whose surfacecras situude is with in Ra3.2 - O.8μm.
Mostly Parameter
Max.swing over bed φ200mm
MaX.maching lengh 250mm
Max.swing over carrier φ130mm
Spindle thru-bore φ48mm
Spindle speed range 200-3000r/min
X axis rapid moving speed 4000mm/min 伺服 6000mm/min
Z axis rapid moving speed 5000mm/min 伺服 8000mm/min
X axis feeding speed 5-1000mm/min
Z axis feeding speed 10-2000mm/min
Power of the main motor 3kw-4kw
Max.travel of the carrier 150mm
NO.of electric turret 4工位(可选配)
X axis pulse equivalent 0.005mm
Z axis pulse equivalent 0.01mm
Metric thread range 0.25-12mm
Whit-worth thread range 33 1/2-3牙/时
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 1760×1050×1650mm
Net weight 约810kg
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